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Individual Counseling

RESPECT This counseling program is individualized. The goal is to help decrease the chances of attracting HIV. By walking the individual through a process that looks at his/her personal lifestyle choices, the person gains a heightened sense of awareness about the risks he/she is taking. The counselor then shares some very effective risk-reduction strategies. The RESPECT sessions look at the circumstances, context and consequences of recent high-risk behaviors. RESPECT also addresses the person's challenges in trying to reduce these risky behaviors. The counselor will work with the client to overcome these challenges.

Comprehensive Risk Counseling and Services (CRCS) The basic goal of CRCS is to encourage a client who may have multiple and complex needs to embrace HIV risk-reduction behaviors. CRCS will be provided together with CLEAR. It will be offered to individuals initially enrolled in RESPECT, but who may benefit from more intensive counseling.

Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results! (CLEAR) CLEAR is a health promotion counseling plan for males and females, ages 16 and older, living with HIV/AIDS and/or individuals who are HIV-negative, but who are at high risk. CLEAR is comprehensive and provides the person the opportunity to learn, practice, and internalize behavioral skills that help the person reach the long term behavior change in six specific areas:
  1. sexual risk
  2. substance use risk
  3. health care and self care
  4. treatment adherence
  5. disclosure
  6. HIV stigma